Sunday, October 12, 2014


You place an order, we custom roast your order then we package it and ship it asap!

This is the quickest, freshest way to get delicious LARIAT coffee into your hands. You get to choose the coffee(s) you want and the package size you want…we do the rest!

You save time, money and gas. In return you get the freshest, most delicious coffee imaginable sent to your doorstep.

Place an order through our online store
LARIAT COFFEE ROASTERS or via phone @ 509-996-3371.

Every thing we do here at Lariat boils down to the "perfect cup of coffee" and to that one moment, when you take a sip of our coffee for the first time, every time. We guarantee it!

Friday, October 10, 2014

A cup of gratitude!

    Mornings in the Methow are getting colder. The crispness of fall invites us all to snuggle under a blanket by the window for our first cup of coffee. But with the chill in the air, it is community that begins to warm. Every day our community grows closer and closer. Almost every day folks will come up to us and say, "I was thinking about you this morning when I was having my first cup of coffee."

   But you may not realize it, but we think about you. In the mornings, sitting with a cup of coffee, it's that cup of coffee with a sense of gratitude that makes the day that much better. Thinking that all around the US people wake up with our Lariat coffee makes us feel truly thankful for our customers and supporters. You've become our community no matter where you are.

With every order, we have a connection to our customer. With our coffee we build relationships with our customers. This company was founded on the principle of creating a quality coffee. It's that simple. From green bean to finished product, we put our integrity within each cup.

And now, friends, we are full of gratitude. Thank you for choosing Lariat every morning. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Owners Lori (with Zoe) and Bob (with Cleo)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Exciting news for Lariat Coffee!

Welcome to our brand new blog for Lariat Coffee Roasters!

Over the last few weeks, LCR has unveiled their bold new look in stores, restaurants, and the coffee roaster retail store, too. But that's not all, friends.

LCR is now online! Now you have the opportunity to see our bold new look in action. Our website now shows the beauty and wonder within the Methow Valley and really taps in to the spirit of Winthrop, WA. Our new website is a collaborative effort of local professionals. The photos you see are of of local people doing their everyday work taken by a local photographer from Moses Lake. The wild horse photos are taken by a local Twisp photographer of wild horses in southeast Oregon. There are links on our website contact page to each of their websites. We hope you will check them out. Our new website is an easy way to connect, find information about our fine coffee selections, and purchase coffee--and all from your computer or smart phone.

In addition to our new website, you can also find us on both Facebook and Pinterest.

"Savor the spirit of the American West in every cup!"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Backcountry Coffee has name & look!

The secret is out...we have rebranded! Big question....why?
We feel our brand needed to be upscaled, redefined and more distinctive. "LARIAT" is our choice, it aligns with the integrity and spirit behind our brand and embraces the old west history and culture of our home town.

Our ownership and coffee is still the same. All our proprietary blends remain the same. Only two were renamed...our "Cougar House Blend" is now
16 Hands House Blend; and our summer seasonal "smoke jumper italian roast" is now Wild Stallion "italian roast".

We realize change can be a challenge. We hope you will embrace our new brand, LARIAT COFFEE ROASTERS
and trust us once again as move forward with our bold, beautiful new look!

Monday, March 4, 2013

SPRING RIDE available!

Our Spring seasonal...appropriately called "SPRING RIDE" is now available for online purchase. This bold, complex blend of  four coffees from Latin America and Indonesia will surely ignite your senses and energize your day. It's a dark roasted blend with a nice balance of body & brightness and a crisp, clean finish.
The perfect start or finish to any ride regardless of your saddle choice.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


What could be better than sipping a steaming hot cup of Backcountry Coffee Roaster's deep, dark delicious Cowboy Mud "French Roast" on a cool, fall morning?

Drinking it while wearing a warm, soft, delicious chocolate colored Cowboy Mud Hoody by Backcountry Coffee Roasters. 100% organic/fair trade coffee. Beware this could become might get accustomed to feeling good in and about our Cowboy Mud on a daily basis.

Backcountry Coffee Roasters..."WHERE GOOD HABITS BREW! TM